Frequently Asked Questions

1How do u generate those leads and what about the compliance of the leads?
We acquire leads using paid advertisements, landing pages, and social media promotion. Then have them sent to our call center to verify if the lead is still interested and determine which buyer's qualification criteria the lead falls. Then we either schedule a call or transfer that lead to a qualifying buyer.

Compliance is a vital part of our business operations, which is why we make sure all of our leads are 100% compliant we have JORNAYA and Trusted Form Certificates installed on all of the landing pages and upon request, We would be happy to send documents to you in absolute transparency.
2How do I guarantee my leads are exclusive?
We will guarantee 100% exclusive leads. Leads once sold to you will not be sold to anyone else and they will remain exclusive to you.
3How do I know the authenticity of a lead?
We offer a recording of the conversation to ensure lead validity. For the callback reference, we'll ask a security question such as "What is your favorite color from the client?" and verify the date from the customer to ensure that the lead is fresh. We'll provide you direct access to the recordings via our dialer so they aren't tampered with.
4When will we receive your leads after ordering them?
We will generate leads and send them to you within 24 to 48 business hours of receiving your order.
5Will you be able to provide me with leads from my specific area?
Yes, we can generate leads from the area you choose. Simply share the area codes and states for which you want to obtain leads. *If you're looking to target specific area codes, the lead prices are somewhat higher.
6Is there a minimum order for any type of buy?
Yes, due to the nature of our leads, we require a $500 minimum order per campaign.
7Can we get a sample of the leads before ordering them all at once?
No, instead we can send you some sample recordings of our previous leads so you may have an idea of the quality of our leads.
8Why are Live Transfer Leads more expensive than callback leads?
Because we transfer the live conversations and give 120-second buffer time before the leads become billable, and we occasionally lose outstanding transfers because your phone is busy or you are unable to take the call and for callback leads we talk to the customer ask all the qualifying questions and tell the customer that you will get a call back from one of our insurance specialist within 24 to 48 hours.
9Will you guarantee the length of the call on a live transfer?
We'll give you a 120-second grace period following the call's connection to you so if everything goes well during that time then the live transfer will be considered billable, upon request, we will provide the recording of the conversation we had with the customer.