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CPL LEADS was founded in May 2015 and is now based in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, but our network of clients and affiliates spans the globe. We are dedicated to providing top telemarketing services that deliver long-term benefits. Our client's success is vital to us, and we always offer an exceptional experience whether you are a prospective client, a business partner, or a job seeker. We aim to provide the best lead generation services for you and your business. By integrating our team of experts with your internal expertise, we can build a perfect telemarketing strategy that will work hard for your success, allowing you to achieve better results in less time at a lower cost.

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We always strive to offer infinite value to our clients. Our core specialties are affiliate marketing, lead generation and pay-per-call verticals. If we see an opportunity to find you, potential customers, we explore it. We work 24/7 to ensure we are increasing your ROI while assuring all communication and messaging maintains the highest degree of brand identity.

  • We have over 6 years experience in the industry
  • One of the best ratings on the market - 98%
  • Our team is very qualified and we are still growing
  • We helped many companies boost their sales up to 60%
  • Our Leads & Live transfers are 100% Exclusive
  • Our Leads are generated through multiple landing pages
  • To make sure that the lead is 100% prequalified we call every single lead
  • We provide leads with call recordings which includes all qualifying questoins.

Our Team

CPL Leads team is compiled of the most talented Professional individuals, ranging from content writers to web developers to SEO experts. CPL Leads believes the best way to succeed and produce highest qualitiy is to surround yourself with like minded professional individuals who work together as a team and support each others strengths and weaknesses.

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We always make sure to deliver the best quality to our clients; that's why we have 87% returing clients who always come back to do business with us. Try us yourself today we are always available to greet new clients. Try our services out today. We are ready to help your business succeed

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